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The Heidi Sculpture Garden

I am creating a series of images that speak to the juxtaposition of human-made objects in a natural environment. I'm interested in exploring the double dialectic of the subtle changes that each element brings to this relationship.
How does the object--in this case contemporary statuary--change our understanding of the environment in which it is deliberately placed?

How does the site--in this case a carefully managed 'garden' in a broader 'bushland' setting--affect our appreciation of the objects?

In the Heidi Sculpture Garden the objects are left to fend for themselves, subject to the environmental forces that will slowly shift them from the surface in via rust, mould, decay, grime and the unstoppable action of sun, rain, wind and variations in temperature.

Rings of Saturn AT_1 Heide Shoot 1-195-Edit copy.jpg
helmet 2 AT1_1506 copy.jpg
Heidi_Helmet_47-Edit_POSTERIZED 2.jpg
Heidi Window Reflection 1 Poster.jpg
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